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Goldfish fulfills the desires of the real estate

The desire of the clients of real estate companies of the SCALE performs a goldfish named Matilda.

It so happened that the office of the company is an aquarium with gold fish. But Rybka is not simple, and selected by a special technology, training in the implementation of the wishes of the visitors, connected with real estate.
Opened this ability one of our client. After a successful transaction, he came back and said that the day before, waiting, waiting, in the office of his realtor, put his hand on the aquarium, and when she started up, whispered the sacred words. Everything was fulfilled exactly, down to the smallest detail.

With this all started. Visitors noticed on the table the Golden fish, be sure to ask is, if it wants to. We answer with certainty that the answer is Yes, but only related to real estate. And there is yet another important condition - fish, must itself pay attention to You. It was as if she freezes in one place, and was staring, for some time staring at You.
Was such a case. I said that I have fish, eyes seemed to widen. Come to the client, I ask:

- You have the answer?

- The first desire, " says, " that rich buyer to my apartment to find not later than 19 days from the moment of the conclusion with you an exclusive contract. The second desire to my transactions, taxes on the sale have increased. Well, after the third desire noticed that the fish at me kind of strange view was. I asked her in my apartment, was, like a magic rouble - how much and sell, and the right of ownership-it is the same for me will remain.

"No, " I said, " that's wrong.

- Firstly, the desire to be one, and secondly, how do You imagine the magic of the apartment, that even in a nightmare property sleep is not suitable?! Stop at the first, a good desire.

- In a fairy tale three wishes, and you have it.
"We have fish, the desire to reality, that is, the great.

In General, long ago, I even argued with him, in the end made it all the same three wishes. What - do not tell, but the client was happy, and this is important.

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