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Miser rent twice

In October wishing to rent an apartment in Mariupol, cheap and without a real estate agent, was noticeably less.

A nice young couple addressed in our company realtors'"SCALE" with a request to remove an apartment for a long period of time. After a fleeting negotiations clients voiced his position: "Your services are expensive, the other cheaper".

We respect the choice of our customers, and therefore had to prove that cheaper is not better, not steel. Very categorically been declared position. Asked about one thing only, if something goes wrong, just come back to us. Four days later, in 8-30 they were standing under the doors of our sleepy one office.

That's what they told us:

Having analyzed the information in mass-MEDIA from all of the agencies of real estate of Mariupol on the subject of cheap realtor services, the choice fell on the agency "A ", "b", "C".

The Agency "And" offered for the "small" fixed rate pick up a "variantik", that's only a realtor, who will be able to serve them, will have to go to work in the end of the week. And advance it was necessary to leave in the agency immediately.

The Agency "In the" proved to be the agency, the agent and the private broker in one person with the office on wheels. But the services promised to cost less than "A ". But as it was not restrain himself in obscene expressions and rude remarks. Type: "Good customers pay immediately, and those who have the Ear of the eat found in the sea of Azov, when coming off the ice".

The Agency "With" liked most of all. A good office in the center of the city, smiling secretary. The director is not seen, apparently absent on important matters. "Sit down, tea, coffee, whether all is well, how can we help" . In general, fascinated. Promised for quite a modest fee in the amount of uah 400 to solve our problem already by the end of the day.

Money in exchange for information about the lease of apartments in Mariupol with direct phones owners - it sounds interesting ))). Signed the contract, paid, got the list. The administrator HIMSELF suggested we check the freshness of the information here on the spot. As the saying goes, without departing from the cashier. Called on the most interesting option. Said a little глуховатая old woman. Apartment clean, with furniture and just free, but you can have a look tomorrow (of course, pre-созвонившись). Joyful, we went home.

In the evening said the other phones. Some of them are not answered, or short said: "don't rent". Part of the tubes raised autoresponders or was redirected to a strange voice mail. Some of the owners for a long time elicits, where we took the phone and only then hung up the handset. We were able to appoint a further two meetings.
In the result, the old lady began to pull rubber, referring to health. Appointments nobody came. Autoresponders posts the owners were not passed. The value of the purchased information on melting eyes.

Returned to the agency "WITH" for an explanation. We're cold and quickly explained that the claims will not take, they say themselves to blame, don't know how to work with information received, recalling paragraph. 8 of the treaty "the Executor is not responsible for the quality and reliability of the information provided" AND to get the new list of the necessary again (second time) to pay 400 uah.

In conclusion, I would like to appeal to our future customers: do Not compromise on the quality of realtor services, depends on the quality of your life. Work with professionals! our bodies. 407-407, 067-625-9111or write.

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