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How to rent an appartment in Mariupol

All of us, sooner or later, face a problem

rent an appartment
for temporary use.The right thing immediately refer the matter to the trusted real estate agency. But there is another thorny, way to rent an apartment yourself, as they say "without intermediaries". Let's look closely to him. Most often the first thing we buy a newspaper ad, and under the heading "Lease accommodation" to the delight of a find reversal ads. If you do not be lazy and count, you get 370 - 400 proposals to hand over accommodation in Mariupol . It seems the problem rental housing in our hands. Begin poring:

Advertising, advertising, ... not that, not that, it's not ... garbage, garbage, garbage, and then we realize with horror that the ads placed by owners of real estate Mariupol in fact. Announcements are different but the same contact phone numbers. Of the 370 ads, only 60, looks as if given directly to the owner, not the middlemen - is only 16% of the total. Focus all their attention on the dry matter: 80% of the proposals that we need 10% again, mediators, and 5% never pick up the phone, 5% frighteningly bizarre proposal.

Extract from the black list of swindlers Mariupol "

AN IZUMRUD plus - cheaters!
Hi! The same thing happened with my husband today, May 18, 2011, in the same way. He found in "Nado" an appartment at 17 district just for 670grn. and said to come to the office, came to pay 400 UAH., called the alleged mistress, she said she can now be occupied, so after 18:00 he called and she say where to drive. At 18:00 no one answer, then they turn off the phone, agency are also disabled.
My tel. 098216 06 20, please contact me with those who have suffered because of these scams, I work in prison, I think I can learn how we punish the agency and get your money back.

Postpone the newspaper aside, take a felt-tip pen in the hands and lined A4 format disc write ads for your personal posting. «Hire an apartment in any area of ​​the city of Mariupol. Payment and order is guaranteed. Intermediaries, please do not take offense that is (0629) 41 ... ... ». Glue, track suit, sneakers and the first Saturday (on Saturday - because in the usual routine in Mariupol, most residents work in factories). Sticking 3,4,5 hours ... well, how much power is enough. Pokleit 200 - 300 pcs.

We are waiting for calls and again: advertising, advertising ... not that, not that, it's not ... garbage, garbage, garbage, and here we are again with horror understand that the ads from the pillars act as something wrong. Whether the text is not that, then there's handwriting sweeping. There are a limitless expanse of the Internet, television with the heading "Private messages", there is a "Radio nanny", friends and acquaintances, in the end. But the time is coming. And in our life time only - irreplaceable resource of humanity.

Choose another right direction of solving the issue "to rent an apartment, but now with the prefix" URGENT! ".

Real estate agencies and real estate companies in Mariupol, not much is not enough, as in any other city, a sufficient quantity - 150 pieces. But we need good and better than the best, and certainly not expensive. I advise you to first search of the recommendations from acquaintances who have recently faced with finding an apartment for rent. Next locate the site of this real estate company in the internet and a good read on them. If there is a dossier of photographs of Realtors pay attention to it, maybe with someone you should walk in them tightly together. Next step: call the office and talk to the administrator. And of course, only after that come on a visit to the office. Do not agree if the realtors will offer you to meet directly next to the entrance of the house where rent apartment. You'll have to come from the round sum of money in your pocket. Only in the office, make sure that it exists in reality, still more expensive than health.

Room service
real estate agency in Mariupol
equals 100% of the monthly rental amount. Can you bargain? It is possible, even necessary, at the same time and see how a realtor can protect their vital interests, and decide whether he could entrust the solution to your housing problems.

For what you pay for services at a rate of 100% of the monthly rental cost realtors SCALE?

We are looking for options individually for your requirements (which includes advertising in newspapers, online, on our website, in general, everywhere, wherever possible). Introducing you to the owners as the best potential tenants. Assess the requested rental price, terms, requirements to you as a tenant. Negotiate with the owners of previewing apartments, so as not to distract you on empty talks. Arrange a meeting directly with the owners, check your rights to lease real estate, trading and achieve the best lease terms for you. Help formalize the agreements reached in the paper. We ensure your privacy.

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Work with professionals and you'll earn on savings.

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