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In Mariupol on the 7 floor terrace was demolished.

The absence of a balcony on the 7 th floor of 9 floor house can watch the inhabitants of Mariupol. Judging by the photos, the apartment owner knowingly abandoned the balcony edge. Or, conversely, has decided to radically change the look of a balcony.

Balcony - an important part of the facade of the building and continuing a total area of ​​the apartment. Due to an increase in the balconies of living space should be, strictly following the "Rules and regulations of the technical operation of the housing stock. "

Without a balcony, too bad, and the psychological and economic plan. Sometimes you want quiet warm evenings out on the balcony for some fresh air. In Mariupol, there are two contrasting types: the sea and plants, but apart from this, the desire to go to the balcony is always present. For example, a smoke, even if it is harmful to health, but it's nice to devote to this addiction is on the balcony. Or drink a cup of tea in the evening. Read. Or spit from the bird's-eye view)))


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