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Illegal alterations apartments facing jail sentence

For damaged apartments and communal networks now face up to 12 years imprisonment. Appropriate changes to the Criminal Code came into force on 13 January this year. So officials are trying to deal with the abduction of manholes, which rent for scrap metal, and illegal re-planning of apartments.

Lawyer Explains Alexander Vranitsky:

"The Penal Code was amended Article 270 of the icon 1, according to which the deliberate destruction of housing and communal services is criminally responsible. Actually these objects are understood by housing, facilities improvement, heating, water and sanitation, as well as other networks, or components, the manhole covers , bars on them, etc.

If a violation occurs the first time, has caused little damage, was a danger to human life, health or property damage on a large scale - shall be punishable by a fine of 100 to 200 non-taxable minimum incomes, or correctional labor for up to two years, or restraint of liberty for up to three years, or imprisonment for the same period, but it all depends on the complexity of the crime itself.

If the crime was committed, and were demolished, for example, which bearing walls, but the danger exists, but it has not caused serious consequences, it is clear that the court in a criminal case and sentencing will be limited to a small punishment, if the consequences of severe, it is clear that the responsibility will be applied heavier. There is a second part which provides that if the act was repeated again - shall be punishable with imprisonment for a term of 3 to 8 years. And Part 3 if there were implications in large-scale, or the death of a person or other grave consequences, then a period of 5 to 12 years. "

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