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For rent in Mariupol

Mariupol, a city on the Sea of Azov with the development of the metallurgical structure of national importance. Therefore, the demand for daily, short-term rental, both among vacationers and business travel in the medium was always increased. Viable alternative to hotel services will always rent.

Rent in Mariupol There are two ways on their own or hire an agency scale. If you have enough time to deal with your question settlement, or you arrive in Mariupol was not the first time in living a good family then try to solve the problem on its own. If time is tight and the city you know is bad, you do not need to experiment. Hiring a real estate agent from the company scale you do not overpay, (we do not take money from you) and save. So that we can offer you the best options for rent, just call (0629) 563-563; 067-62-59-111 .

We have a professional pick up for you the best apartment for a day, preliminary negotiations with the owner, reserve and lodge.
You may need a passport, the original, and cash, as owners prefer to take payment in advance.

Sat in an apartment, negotiate with the owner of any of its living conditions. Where can I smoke, what windows you can open, what does not. Who can come on behalf of the owner and how to respond to unexpected guests, if they ask the owner. Check the appliances, plumbing. Do not forget to write down contact phone owner on a separate sheet of paper (put it on the fridge). Rare to find an apartment, rent in Mariupol equipped with individual safe with combination lock. So do not leave the apartment unattended valuables and cash.

Call us sat down with no problems))

RK Scale 563-563

All Mariupol Real estate: apartments, houses, commercial, land.
We know how to sell, buy real estate in Mariupol, and rentals: house, apartment, land with the benefit to you

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