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  • 10.07.2012

    Goldfish fulfills the desires of the real estate

    The desire of the clients of real estate companies of the SCALE performs a goldfish named Matilda. It so happened that the office of the company is an aquarium with gold fish. But Rybka is not simple, and selected by a special technology, training in the implementation of the wishes of the...
  • 10.10.2011

    Miser rent twice

    In October wishing to rent an apartment in Mariupol, cheap and without a real estate agent, was noticeably less. A nice young couple addressed in our company realtors'"SCALE" with a request to remove an apartment for a long period of time. After a fleeting negotiations clients voiced his...
  • 17.05.2011

    How to rent an appartment in Mariupol

    All of us, sooner or later, face a problem rent an appartment for temporary use.The right thing immediately refer the matter to the trusted real estate agency. But there is another thorny, way to rent an apartment yourself, as they say "without intermediaries". Let's look closely to him. Most often...
  • 17.05.2011

    Buyer and seller can remain flat and with no money and no housing ...

    According to experts, a new procedure for registering real property rights, which will come into force in 2012, creates fertile ground for fraud. The current year will be the last, when the buyer of housing or the heir to register their property and the right to it in one institution - the...
  • 25.04.2011

    In Mariupol on the 7 floor terrace was demolished.

    The absence of a balcony on the 7 th floor of 9 floor house can watch the inhabitants of Mariupol. Judging by the photos, the apartment owner knowingly abandoned the balcony edge. Or, conversely, has decided to radically change the look of a balcony. Balcony - an important part of the facade of...
  • 21.04.2011

    Illegal alterations apartments facing jail sentence

    For damaged apartments and communal networks now face up to 12 years imprisonment. Appropriate changes to the Criminal Code came into force on 13 January this year. So officials are trying to deal with the abduction of manholes, which rent for scrap metal, and illegal re-planning of apartments....
  • 18.04.2011

    How to remove the arrest on the ground?

    How can I remove the arrest from the land (as collateral), imposed by the bank? Meets Maria Gordienko, Lawyer, Law Firm Vronsky, Bronski and Partners The Ukrainian Constitution and the Civil Code of Ukraine are to protect property rights and the emphasis on the inadmissibility of illegal...
  • 04.04.2011

    For rent in Mariupol

    Mariupol, a city on the Sea of Azov with the development of the metallurgical structure of national importance. Therefore, the demand for daily, short-term rental, both among vacationers and business travel in the medium was always increased. Viable alternative to hotel services will always rent....
  • 30.03.2011

    Как сдать квартиру посуточно в Мариуполе

    If you have two flats, then you are already a businessman. How to organize in Mariupol for daily delivery of apartments for rent - about this article. Your extra square footage to bring the stable, and secure maximum income. First of all, you have to understand that the short-term lease, the...
  • 30.03.2011

    What prevents the lower cost per square meter

    Rise in prices of construction materials and energy, as well as existing building codes do not allow cheaper construction, and make available square footage. What else is dependent price per square meter and that prevents developers to reduce its cost recognized correspondent "The...
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