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  • Work a realtor is easy and profitable?

    There is a popular statistics in the real estate business. Out of 10 people who have started training, after 3 months there will be only 5. After six months of stay of 3 people, and one of these 3 people only 1 will earn more than if he worked hard working at the factory. And earn will be, so that would be able to buy their own apartment, was found, by the way, too independently.

    "Become a realtor and earn 2 000 $ in a month", "the Realtor earns for 2 years in their own apartment" - such headings can often be found in the newspapers. Let's see whether this is true.

    Starting to get a grasp of the text of the advertisement "the Training is free" - the author of the text is trying to convey to our consciousness that is somewhere and pay training. The word "free" has always attracted attention of consumers more than the word "value". "Duration of training 1.5 weeks" - a relatively short period of time to earn money in 2 000$.

    Let's compare the profession of "realtor" with the profession of "lawyer ". The lawyer learn to 5 years. Payment for 1 year of training at the National law academy of Ukraine named after Yaroslav the Wise is 15200 uah. For the entire period of study is spent 76 000 uah. After that, most of the new lawyers will be able to qualify for the average salary legal counsel 1500 - 1700 uah. Divide the amount spent on education, on the average salary, get 47 months. Divide for years, get 3.9 years. After that you have recaptured the money spent on training, and began to earn as net income. But to earn 2 000 $, will have to sweat. Realtor gets a pass in the profession for a rapidly short term 1.5 weeks and earn 10 times more qualified lawyer. Where is the fairness and the mystery? We will investigate further .

    So what do you need to become a realtor, earning good money?

    The first is successfully pass the interview in the perspective of realtor's office. Here is useful article with the recommendations of what to look for when choosing a real estate agency. An important condition - interested their nominee of the head of the company. Advise on the interview to be very honest and less use of hackneyed tricks with the use of technologies of NLP on the theme: "How to successfully pass the interview". Believe the word, director of them are reading, and there is a risk that the notice attempts to give out desirable for valid, in the early stages. Be honest at the dawn of his career, and you do not have to defend in its zenith.

    Training all agencies of different and they are all convinced that only they teach correctly. We will not argue about the techniques. Note one thing: if the firm is not the first year and learned than a dozen experts, there is something to learn. I'm more fond of the methodology, when training is equated to the work. Work consists in development of theoretical knowledge and applied them in practice. In our age of information, when the scale of the knowledge is so global and is available for a normal user, is not a difficult task to find the necessary information. The difficulty consists in mastering of obtained knowledge and their application in practice. What have you learned your young realtors, you are able to express in a simple for customers languages. The estate agent continues to study throughout his career. Techniques and technologies on the books and the internet do not possess, they need to work on the mat or in the "field".

    The first acquaintance with the "field ", on which to work.

    In the "field" work a lot of specialists (usually more than it imagined a beginner). And, it turns out, the"field" is not endless, and there are limits, and низкоурожайные area, and places with a green and lush grass. And all specialists of the real estate are not colleagues, and competitors. There is simply the "dinosaurs" of the real estate business, working with the'90s. How to compete with them? The client has evolved, became more demanding and more distinct in the selection of a conciliator.

    What is so attractive in this profession realtor?

    Since the summer of 2007 to October a period of rapid growth of prices and easy credit for purchase of real estate was under the impression that a realtor it is easy to work and earn money quickly. A lot of people come to the profession, just as in the 19TH century, during the Gold rush, Alaska pulled people from all over America. Also many of us have as a matter of urgency turned into realtors. And also, as finished gold, and so the crisis dried up the fields of the real estate. Prices fell by half, the difficulty of the search for a buyer may abound and, as a result, in 2009, many have left the profession. But, according to experts, realtors continue to earn more than the specialists of many other professions. Why is this so?

    Big money cannot make light work. Not want to receive 2 000 $ in a month and not be willing to adequate investment of time and energy. A realtor can easily become, but it's difficult to stay at a decent level of earnings.

    The sale of the property - it is the top of the trading industry. There is no bigger of the goods, and no more commission than the realtor. For all representatives of trade professions time flows equally, and 24 hours a day, you can successfully sell or an apartment, a house or nuts, sunflower seeds. The choice is Yours!

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    Realtor company "Zoom" - provides services in the sphere of real estate already 14 year

    During the existence the company has confirmed its professionalism and competitiveness, providing a comprehensive range of services in the real estate market.

    In 2006, the republic of KAZAKHSTAN "Scale" was recognized as the winner of the national rating of Union of specialists of immovable property and entered the top 20 of the country's best real estate companies.

    The republic of KAZAKHSTAN "Scale" intensively developing. Already now in Mariupol opened three branches of the company, in each of which has a team of professionals, capable in the shortest terms to solve any housing issues (sale, exchange, lease).

    Development of the branches gives the opportunity to announce competitions for filling vacancies. At present, the company invites to cooperation of such specialists:

    Realtor activities:

  • - a specialist in the sale of a primary residence;

    - a specialist in the sale of second homes;

    - a specialist in the sale of the country real estate;

    - a specialist in the sale of elite real estate;

    - specialist of the sales of non-residential fund;

  • For beginners provides for education. For effective personnel training and seminars on improvement of professional skills, additional training.

    Career growth, a convenient work schedule, the friendly team of specialists, the stability of attention to the workers by the leadership of the republic of KAZAKHSTAN "Scale"! Work in our company always prestigious and perspective!

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