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Our mission:

Granting of faultless realtor services for the purpose of creation of strong, long and mutually advantageous relations with clients, employees and a society

Work principles:

М The maximum result in the shortest term
А Absolute belief in success
С The transaction - all for the sake of it and anything superfluous
Ш To swindlers at us not a place
Т The creative approach to the decision of problems
А Accuracy in all
Б Safety above all


To transform desires of our clients into a reality, using our possibilities, professionalism and experience.

Competitive advantages E.C. Масштаб:

We not begin to say that we work at comfortable offices that in our command professional managers, lawyers, IT experts, economists, financiers that we have the registered trade mark and a corporate style that our hardware - multichannel limitless hot telephone lines, the Call-center, a professional site, a realtor forum , detectors of quality check of denominations and many other things, - we about it are silent, as at present it is all it is considered the integral attributes of modern realtor business.

But we will tell that:

- On August, 21st, 2014 to the enterprise 14 years are executed. For this rather small period of time we have proved as successful agency of real estate.

- Convenient location, our own, the office provides an opportunity to be closer to our customers.

- Our own unique database contains the information on objects of the real estate, collected for the big period of time.

- Our maximum credit of trust among urban population makes 98 %, all of them know EC "Scale".

- The direct head left circle of realtors and is the proprietor of the company that promotes increase in its working potential and battle readiness.

- In 2006 EC "Scale" has been recognized by the winner of a national rating of the Union of experts of real estate and has entered into the twenty of the best in the country of the realtor companies, and in 2007 «the Best realtor company» has received an award.

Corporate culture:

Trade mark brand Масштаб belongs to the company.
The full name: Private enterprise "Realtor company" Масштаб "".

МАСШТАБ - MASHTAB ( SCALE ) 1:100 Defines it so, on 1 unit of our efforts, you receive 100 units of result. Check up a scale positive effect.

Our corporate colors - Cherry and white.
WHITE Color means rest, нетронутость, equality, it contains all colors of a spectrum fifty-fifty, growing out of their mixture. All colors in white are equal. White color serves as a unity symbol.

CHERRY - color of nobleness, aristocratical, pride, confidence, means warm kindness and an openness of our soul.

Business philosophy:

Three wise men have argued that is more important for the person – it The past, present или The future.

One of them has told: "My past does me by that who I am. I am able to what I have learned in the past. I trust in myself because I well managed those affairs which I undertook earlier. I like people with whom to me before it was good, or similar to them. I look at you now, I see your smiles and I wait for your objections because we any more once argued, and I already know that you haven't got used to agree with something without objections".

«It is impossible to agree with it, - another has told, - if you were right, the person would be doomed, as a spider, to sit day after day in a web of the habits.
The person is done by its future. It is unimportant that I know and I am able now – I will study in that is required to me in the future. My representation about what I want to become in two years, much more really, than my memoirs on what I was two years ago because my actions depend now not on what I was, and from what I am going to become.
I like the people not similar to those whom I knew earlier. And conversation with you is interesting to me because I anticipate here fascinating struggle and unexpected turns of thought ».

«You have absolutely lost sight, - the third has interfered, - that the past and the future exist only in our thoughts. The past already isn't present. The future still isn't present.
And, irrespective of, you remember the past or dream of the future, you operate only in the present.
Only in the present it is possible to change something in the life – neither the past, nor the future isn't subject to us. Only in the present it is possible to be happy: memoirs on last happiness – are sad, expectation of the future happiness – is disturbing!
And when I get into dispute, I should consider that parity of forces and that pattern of arguments which have developed at the moment ».

And wise men long still argued, enjoying slow conversation. And I don't know, who from them has won dispute.

All Mariupol Real estate: apartments, houses, commercial, land.
We know how to sell, buy real estate in Mariupol, and rentals: house, apartment, land with the benefit to you

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